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natural remedies for yeast infectionsCandidiasis is a vaginal infection that is often experienced by women. Although a woman has been keeping her cleanliness carefully, but the chances of fungal infection are still great because it is influenced by hormonal factors. Just before menstruation, women often experience this due to hormonal changes in the body to help remove the bad blood cells. If it happens, they should not worry and do not need to do natural remedies for yeast infections because it happens naturally.

Characteristics that a woman needs to consider are if the discharge from the vagina has cream-colored or white either watery or thick, smells and causes itching. This is a sign of an infection that must be overcome with natural remedies for yeast infections. The cause of vaginal discharge due to an infection that can spread and cause inflammation of the urinary tract, causing stinging sensation when the patient urinates. Fungal infections can also occur due to pregnancy, diabetes, and the use of birth control pills. Newborns can also catch this infection during childbirth because he/she accidentally swallowed vaginal liquid from his mother who suffered from the disease.

Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections: 3 Things to Look For

You can use natural remedies for yeast infections, which are believed to be able to heal for generations. This method has the advantage of not going to make users getting addicted or experiencing negative effects. Besides, the substance used is not harmful to the body’s organs, even if it is often used. On the other hand, the use of chemicals can be dangerous and may cause organ damage.  Some herbs that you can use to treat these infections are as follows:

  • Betel leaf
  • Aloe vera
  • Garlic

Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections: Application and Usage

natural remedies for yeast infectionsBetel leaves contain antioxidants and anti-fungal. It is useful in eliminating vaginal discharge. You do these natural remedies for yeast infections by taking some betel leaves which have been cleaned and then boiled in two liters of water for five minutes. Wait until the water is boiled and use the water to wash the vaginal area regularly, but do not do it too often because betel leaf can eliminate the good bacteria that should be able to keep the pH of the female organs.

You may be familiar with aloe vera as a useful plant to make hair thicker and healthier but have you ever thought that this plant is able to eradicate fungus as well? You can make aloe vera into natural remedies for yeast infections by blending it. Boil it with two glasses of water and five pieces of bitter leaf. You should wait until the temperature is lower and then use it to wash the vagina.

Garlic is very good to be used as natural remedies for yeast infections. You just mix a little garlic in the food you consume. Hence, it would be better if you eat it in a raw state. Beware of the bad odor after eating garlic. This material contains antifungal property which is extremely high even when compared with the others.

During your treatment with natural remedies for yeast infections, do not forget to always keep your female organs clean by washing it after urinating and do not use damp underwear because it will trigger the growth of microorganisms. One of the best ways to keep the growth of the fungus at bay is to keep yourself dry and clean. Do not forget to change your underwear every hour or so.

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