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male thrush treatmentCandidiasis is a fungal infection mainly caused by Candida albicans. This fungus can infect several parts of the body, including genital organ of a man or a woman. This infection is also known as thrush. When it is viewed in terms of the number, then this genital infection is more common among women. In spite of this fact, men must remain vigilant to the spread of this disease. In men, part of an organ that is potentially affected by this infection is the head of the penis. Besides being discovered in the genitals, the infection can also deploy to other body parts such as mouth which is often called as mouth thrush.

The main cause of this fungal infection is exponentially fungal growth beyond control. In certain extent, the existence of a fungus is very beneficial to the human body, but because there are several triggering factors, the number of fungi is increasing and leads to an infection. Some of the factors triggering this phenomenon are as follows:

  • The use of antibiotics
  • The lack of hygiene
  • Diabetes
  • Decreased immune system
  • Uncircumcised genital organ

Male Thrush Treatment: Antibiotics Aren’t Always Good for You

male thrush treatmentAntibiotic is a substance which is needed to kill harmful microorganism. Hence, sometimes these substances also eradicate the good microbes that can control the amount of yeast. Consequently the fungus can grow wild in the body so that there is overpopulation, which eventually starts the infection, especially in the genital organs. So every antibiotic that you use must be best taken with the doctor’s advice and do not take it lightly without professional consent. One sure thing that you can always take without precautions is garlic. It has an antibiotic property that is relatively safe for you to consume.

To prevent the onset of various diseases such as but not limited to male thrush, we should always keep our own cleanliness. This needs to be done, especially for men who do not undergo the circumcision procedure. The head of the penis which is not circumcised will have a more humid and warm condition as the preferred place for the growth of fungi. So never underestimate the hygiene factors that must be maintained. Men who rarely replace their underwear should immediately leave this habit. Apply soap or shower gel adequately whenever you’re taking a bath or shower and do not overdo it because this practice will damage the skin layer of the genital organs if used excessively.

Some specific diseases make our immune system decreases. One example is diabetes. Patients with this disease are highly susceptible to fungal infections because his glycemic index is very high. This is one of the conditions that support the proliferation of fungi. Besides diabetes, people infected with the HIV virus can also have thrush because the virus weakens the immunity system of the sufferers.

Male Thrush Treatment: Stay Away from Sexual Activity

These infections can be transmitted through sexual intercourse with a woman who had vaginitis. Men should wait for his partner in healing therapy to be freed from fungal infection so he is not infected. In men who have been infected, the penis should be washed and dried before smearing it with anti-fungal cream. The type of cream that is recommended in thrush treatment contains nistatin. Further investigation should be conducted to determine the extent of fungal development in genital organs. If there are abnormalities in the genital organs, you should be checked by a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

That being said, male thrush can be really hard to be treated. They seem to keep on coming back. It can be frustrating to deal with this kind of yeast infection. If it is, we recommend you to use our program to help you be freed from your infection. This program has already helped literally thousands of people all over the world and we do believe that it will help you too!

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