How to Easily Undergo Anti Candida Diet Effectively by Yourself

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Candida is a type of yeast that can be found in the human body, for example in the guts. This yeast has an important function to aid digestion, but in some people, they experience candidiasis. Candidiasis is a condition where excessive candida growth symptoms such as leaky gut, headaches, shaking, and cold sweats happen. Fortunately there is a cure to relieve these symptoms. One way to do this is by conducting anti candida diet on a regular basis so that the amount of candida can return to normal.

anti candida dietDiet is not only done to lose weight, but also to reduce the symptoms of the disease. As an example, those who suffer from diabetes should reduce food that contains sugar, while a person with heart disease should reduce fatty foods and oily foods.  If you are conducting anti candida diet, there are foods that are encouraged, but there are also foods that should be prohibited. Patients who suffer candidiasis must be careful in choosing their own intake of food.

Anti Candida Diet: What to Stay Away From

Anti candida diet will help rid the body of candida overgrowth and control the growth of candida in the body to keep it within normal limits. Sugar makes the candida to grow unchecked. Candidiasis patients should stop taking sugar in any form. When you buy packaged foods, first of all, check the sugar content of the food that is usually displayed on the package. It’s better not to consume them no matter what. Whether excessive or not, stay away from them. Some foods that include sugars are:

  • sugar beet
  • organic cane sugar
  • fructose
  • brown sugar
  • honey
  • syrup

Some people may not be able to eliminate sugar from the diet so drastically. They need to reduce them periodically bit by bit. Try to reduce some spoons of sugar in coffee or tea you drink. If you are very fond of eating sweet food, you can make it yourself with a dose of sugar that has been reduced. Stay clear from soft drinks such as coke. They contain a truckload of sugar that will make candida growth uncontrollable. After the meal, you are encouraged to drink water in order for your digestive system to do its work perfectly. Children with candidiasis are also recommended to be trained by their parents to undergo anti candida diet.

Besides sugar, there are some foods that should be avoided during anti candida diet. These foods should be included in the black list of foods that should not be consumed by the patient so that the treatment can be carried out. These ‘forbidden foods’ are:

  • Wheat
  • Caffeine
  • Dairy products and foods containing yeast
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Dried fruit
  • Peanut butter
  • Pickles
  • Raw mushrooms
  • Sprouts

Anti Candida Diet: What You Should Eat

anti candida dietAnti candida diet should include vegetables, gluten free whole grains, fish, plain yogurt, low carbohydrates, protein, and eggs. To increase protein in your body, you can consume fish, ostrich, lamb, chicken, turkey, etc. It is allowed to consume cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, green beans, garlic, red onion, and green peppers. Bananas and avocados, which contain low sugar are also recommended.

This can be done by people who want to get well soon. Another thing to note is the amount in the food that you eat. Do not go overboard and try to make food combinations. For example, you can combine fresh vegetables with meat or fish so that the patient does not feel bored. Anti candida diet can really help to reduce the amount of yeast that grows in the body.

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