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chronic yeast infectionsChronic yeast infections are infections caused by candida that has been there for months and, in some cases, even for a couple of years and hasn’t showed a sign of healing. If you are one of chronic yeast infection victim, you may already know that it is so frustrating and distressful for you to deal with it.

It is true that candidiasis is commonly not risking your life but they indeed make your life not as lively as it should be. A candidiasis can also ruin how you deal with your sexual activity and it can also be a sign of a more dangerous health problem such as the infamous diabetes to name one.

Researches shows that we can safely assume in three out of four women have a kind of candidiasis one time in their entire life. A lot of them are having chronic yeast infection that also re-occurs for quite a very long time at any given time.

However, it is also known that candidiasis is not only threatening women. In fact, there are millions of men out there who also happen to experience this kind of infection at a point in their life.

Causes to Chronic Yeast Infections

Research shows that suffering candidiasis may not necessarily indicate a very severe health problem. However, it is true that a prolonged chronic yeast infection probably indicate a serious problem for your health.

Other kind of illness that may make your immunity system in your body weakening may be the result of this kind of serious infection. It is probably a symptom of diabetes or cancer or can also even indicate a symptom of HIV or AIDS.

Several other factors like pills for birth control can also be one of the reasons why an individual are exposed to candidiasis. This is happening because a frequent consumption of such pills impact in the balance of your body hormones.

These changes in your balance of body hormone result in the changes of pH in vagina. The changes of pH are a very suitable environment for candida organisms to grow uncontrollable. In a few cases, chronic yeast infection can also be the effect of low-level of hygiene or the overuse of products available in the market which contain several unsafe chemical substances.

There is also a considerable amount of chance of a woman to get infected through sexual intercourse with her sexual partner if her partner is currently being a victim of candidiasis.

Ways to Treat Chronic Yeast Infections

Even though that there are a lot of medications for treating chronic yeast infection that you can easily find anywhere, there’s always a safer option such as the use of natural treatments that you can pick.

At any time, you have to be very careful of the very serious health problems that can also be the cause of such chronic infections.

There are a lot of varieties for anti-fungal medicines that you can go to as a way to help treat chronic candidiasis. These can be in the form of cream or ointment for external application or even tablets. Vagina suppositories can also be found in case of a vaginal candidiasis. Half of these medicines can be bought without prescriptions easily but some are not.

candidiasis treatmentIn case of a chronic candidiasis, you have to extend the time to use the drug until it heals completely. It is possible that it will take months and sometime may even years. It is always a good option to seek counsels with your doctor to get treatment for your chronic yeast infection.

You should also never forget that your partner have to be treated as well if you are a victim of chronic or recurring yeast infection.

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