Candida Diet Recipes: How to Create Your Own

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Someone who keeps his diet incorrectly is very likely to be attacked by candidiasis, which is a kind of disease or health problems that is caused by yeast infection. This infection can occur anywhere in the body, such as in the oral cavity, gut, skin, and genital organs. It is recommended for patients to consume food from candida diet recipes. For people with cancer, they have a greater chance of developing this disease. Several factors that can cause this disease:

  • The use of steroid
  • Too much sugar
  • Smoking habit
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Decreased immunity

Candida diet recipes have main focus which is to avoid sugar because sugar is so favored by yeast. In diabetic patients, they commonly suffer an abnormal growth of yeast. This happens because the patient already has a high level of sugar in the body. To prevent it, we must limit sugar intake either from food or drink. If you eat sweet foods, you should drink beverages that do not contain sugar. Remember that flavored drinks such as coke contain a truckload of sugar, which is totally bad for your health. The best thing to drink is simply water. It is the healthiest drink by far in the universe.

Candida Diet Recipes: What to Include and Exclude

candida diet recipesFoods which are recommended in candida diet recipes are foods that contain a lot of fiber such as green vegetables. No one can deny that these foods are very good for our bodies. One of its functions is to assist digestion and help speed up the recovery of patients who have intestinal disorders because of the excessive candida. If the amount of candida in the body is balanced, then the patient can be declared cured.

On the other hand, in candida diet, foods to avoid are foods that contain yeast such as cakes. In addition, you can also reduce the beverage or food products derived from milk that has been given yeast such as cheese or yogurt. You are still allowed to consume milk without yeast though. To get enough calcium, you can replace it with meat or fish in your diet.

Candida Diet Recipes: Practical Tips

candida diet recipesCandida diet recipes should always be combined so that the patient does not get bored. Occasionally they may be tempted to eat the cheese, especially for people who are used to eating cheese every day. In order to serve a dish for you to remain interested, you can combine vegetable salad with meat so it is richer in flavor and not too bland. Beverages containing caffeine, such as coffee and cocoa is also not good for people with candidiasis so put away the drink from them.

Whole grain cereals are usually selected because they are very low in gluten. For those who love rice, they can replace white rice with red rice because white rice contains quite a bit of sugar or you can arrange candida diet recipes without rice at all. To make you feel full longer, multiply the consumption of lean chicken meat (such as chicken breast) and vegetables.

To reduce the growth of fungi in the body, it can be done by antibiotics, but it is not recommended because the candida may become resistant due to incorrect use of antibiotics. Only if you have already consulted with your doctor and he/she insists you to include antibiotics in your treatment that you may give it a go. Except that, it is best to stay clear from the use of antibiotics. Candida diet recipes are highly recommended, especially if the patient is undergoing candidiasis treatment with antibiotics.

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