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home remedies for a yeast infectionYeast is a type of organism that normally inhabit vagina in small amounts. If the amount of yeast is too much in the vagina, it will cause an infection. These infections are commonly experienced by women and are not very serious. However it can be very annoying. Generally, a fungal infection is caused by a type of fungus called Candida albicans. There are many good bacteria and a small amount of yeast in the vagina. The most common bacteria found in the vagina are Lactobacillus acidophilus, which keep the other organisms such as fungi in controlled amounts. If there is a change in the environmental balance of the vaginal area, it can cause a number of yeast and cause symptoms of infection.

Vaginal infections can be triggered by many things, but there are some of the most commonly experienced by women such as:

  • Stress,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Lack of sleep,
  • Wrong eating habits,
  • Before menstruation,
  • Hormonal changes,
  • Certaindiseasessuch asdiabetesorHIV/AIDS,
  • The use ofantibioticsorbirth controlpills.

When a woman is pregnant, the vagina becomes less acidic. That is why fungal infections can attack pregnant woman easily, because the yeast organisms with a condition like the place just as it is. Besides pregnancy, some diseases such as diabetes also take a big share in causing recurrence of vaginal yeast infections. That is why a person with diabetes will be infected easily. Consumption of too much sugar can also cause this kind of infection.

Taking antibiotics can also cause a recurrence of vaginal yeast infections. This is because antibiotics can kill some bacteria that may be very important in the body, and allow yeast to stay alive. Another cause is sexual intercourse. Some women are sometimes allergic to semen, and these allergies can cause infection. Therefore, after sexual intercourse, you have to clean the vagina so that this kind of infection will not happen to you that may create discomfort due to itching.

home remedies for a yeast infectionFungal infections can cause itching or pain in the vagina and sometimes causes pain or burning when urinating or during sexual intercourse. Some women also experience symptoms such as white and odorless fluid out of the vagina. The symptoms are likely to occur the week before the menstrual period. The presence of these symptoms often makes a woman reluctant to have sex with her ​​partner. Doctors also do not advocate sexual relations when the patient has not recovered from this infection because of the risk of transmission to her partner.

If you are unsure of your symptoms, consult a doctor. Your doctor will perform a vaginal examination to get a diagnosis. If you can recognize the symptoms well and are not pregnant, you can treat it with drugs that can be purchased without a prescription or more commonly known as over the counter yeast infection. If your symptoms are mild, you can wait until the symptoms disappear. If you are infected during pregnancy, do not take drugs without a prescription because it can harm the fetus you carry. Check your condition to a doctor to get a proper medical treatment.

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