5 Effective Home Remedies for a Yeast Infection

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home remedies for a yeast infectionVaginal yeast infection is a common type of infection experienced by women. The common characteristics are colored vaginal discharge, bad smell, itchiness and irritation. It is caused by the uncontrollable growth of Candida fungus which resides in your body. There are several methods of treatment that can be served to yeast infected people.  One of them is the treatment of fungal infections in the home. Although it sounds simple, but there are several actions that must be done in order to run this home remedy successfully.

Home remedies for fungal infection should be done regularly because if you do not do it properly, then it will be more difficult to control the spread. You do not have to be a medical expert to be able to conduct these tips. However, you should have patience and diligence because those two things are the key to the successfulness of this method. There are 5 ways which is really effective if you have the patience and the diligence to do it. These ways to undergo home remedies are:

  • Wear loose and dry clothes
  • Keep hygiene
  • Avoid the use of hygiene product
  • Maintain low sugar diet
  • Stop taking birth control drugs

Home Remedies for a Yeast Infection: Importance of Dryness

home remedies for a yeast infectionThe mistake in the selection of fashion items can be one of the triggers of fungal infections. Women may be more comfortable to wear tight clothing. But do you know that the clothes lead to obstructed air circulation so that the skin becomes more humid especially genital organ?  Moist skin is greatly favored by the fungus. You also should avoid the use of wet underwear to prevent the development of increasingly virulent yeast. Use your own towel for drying off after a shower. Do not share towels with others since it will potentially spread infection. Remember, humidity is a very important factor for yeast to be able to live and flourish. If you can maintain yourself to be dry most of the time, it will greatly help your endeavor to fight off the candida.

Cleanliness of the genital organs must be intensified by always drying them after going to the bathroom. Wash with clean water without the use of hygiene products. This product should only be used sparingly because if you apply it too frequent, it will result in unbalanced acidity in your genital organ. When you rub the organs, do it carefully to avoid irritation. Douching with chemicals is risky. You will be better off to use herbs such as rosemary tea to douche the sexual organ.

Home Remedies for a Yeast Infection: Importance of Sugarless Diet

You should review your diet during this time. Avoid sugar, which will accelerate the proliferation of yeast. In addition, you can also treat vaginitis by diligently drinking cranberry juice without sugar. This juice can help eradicate fungi while keeping the acidity of vaginal fluid. Garlic contains anti-fungal properties. The therapy can be more powerful if you mix fresh garlic in your food. We can’t stress this enough: stay away from sugar. This includes things like candies, cakes, soft drinks, of basically any flavored drinks that tastes sweet. It is also best to avoid food with high level of carbohydrates because carbohydrate will be turned into glucose by your body when you eat it. Glucose is a form of sugar that has been proven to be blacklisted by people who wants to control their candida growth.

Women who take oral pill to control the birth have a greater chance of developing a yeast infection. Although medical experts have not found an association between the use of the pill with a yeast infection, but these drugs are suspected as a trigger of rising glycogen. This substance is a food source for yeast. If you have a partner who suffers from this infection, you should delay sexual intercourse until the problem is resolved. As an alternative to the contraceptive pill, you can use a diaphragm, condom, IUD, or cervical cap.

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