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yeast infection testFemale sex organs often secrete a mucous fluid which serves as a cleanser to cleanse the internal organs. But sometimes these organs secrete fluids in large quantities. You should be wary of it because these symptoms are often experienced by women who suffer from Candida albicans infection.

To check the organ’s health you need to perform a series of yeast infection test. This test can be done by yourself and does not need to be examined in the hospital.

Yeast Infection Test: When You Should Start One

Symptoms of infection could be identified without the use of yeast infection test, but you should be more careful in distinguishing normal fluid and the fluid that is caused by fungal infection.  The most common symptoms of an infection are:

  • Itching and irritation of the vagina
  • A thick white discharge
  • The patient feels smarting during sexual intercourse or urinating
  • Wounds in some areas

Many young women do not know how to do the yeast infection test. They just thought that there was something weird happened in their organ and rush to check it with their doctor, whereas they can test it themselves without the help of laboratory personnel. There are two methods that can be performed to detect the presence the fungi in the female organs by using:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • pH indicator

Yeast Infection Test: How It Is Done

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the chemical substances which are often used as a mixture in a disinfectant. In fact, this substance can also be used as an ingredient to conduct a yeast infection test. This substance can be bought in store and these are not harmful chemicals if not heated. The steps are as follows:

  • Provide a clear glass that has been cleaned on the table
  • Squirt a little hydrogen peroxide over the glass
  • Then give a vaginal mucus and observe it
  • If it spumes, then it means that there is an infection in the vagina

The second way is a yeast infection test with pH indicator. Women must have heard about the paper that is used to measure the acidity of the liquid. This paper can be found in the pharmacy stores easily. The steps are:

  • Prepare new and clean pH paper
  • Touch the area of the female organs by using pH paper
  • Look at the number shown
  • If the pH scale indicates the number less than 7 then there has been a sign of fungal infections

yeast infection testThis yeast infection test is only a simple test but if you want a more complete checkup, you can come to a gynecologist. One way to prevent infection is to always keep the female organ with clean water that has been boiled together with betel leaves. Wait until the temperature drops and use it to clean the vagina.

If a woman is in her menstrual period, it is advisable to replace the pads as often as possible so that the fungus does not grow. You should only use pants that have a material which absorbs sweat and do not wear them too tightly so that the vagina will not be wet. If the itching is very disturbing and makes you uncomfortable, you can do further yeast infection test to determine the level of fungi development.

One important key to help the growth of candida in check is to always make sure your body is dry. Remember that the environment which gives stimulus for the fungus to grow is a humid environment. They can’t do much in a very dry environment.

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